The power of Padmasambhava’s compassion is particularly beneficial in today’s world. Creating and spreading images of Him can swiftly dispel negative influences and bring about harmony.

Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche is creating and placing price chart Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) statues around the globe in an effort help stabilize our world and create opportunities for universal peace.

The blessings of these statues could not be realized without the support and dedication of kind, conscious people around the world. Khenpo Namdrol welcomes you to join him in this project of major importance.

Please visit Khenpo Namdrol’s main website at www.knamdrol.org .

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Khenpo Namdrol’s address at the opening of the Temple Bollinger bands of Zandog Palri in Mysore, India

View the video of Khenpo Namdrol’s address at Zandog Palri.Read the text translation of Khenpo’s speech.